Enbies, proud of it, and angry

Minorities (gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity) are not very visible. It's not a new thing, even if it's starting to move a little. Even if new shitty new movies, or some political ideas are still pointing their dirty faces.

But the most serious thing is that this is happening in the LBGTQIA+ community where the convergence of struggles does not seem to interest some obsessed little crap with their materialism and their desire to belittle others.

The trans community is not the most visible of the communities, but some of its members are making a mess of it by refusing to admit the existence of non-binary people. Because locked in their vision worthy of cis (and of course, the least tolerant cis possible). In short, it is worthy of the TERFS (the "feminists" who reject trans people from the feminist community).

It's based on the same principle: we exclude, we call out, so to speak, so as not to be infiltrated by "guys" (eat your transphobia), or by cis (eat your enbyphobia).

There are not only two genres, and it's time to get it right in your head: it's no use coming to claim more rights, to finally do the same as cis with other minorities. You stink of shit if you do that, that's all.

Non-binarity does not have to be defined by materialistic trans, or cis, WE do not have to accept your shitty principles under the pretext that we are being oppressed together. WE do not have to transition/take hormones, to belong to the trans community. WE are trans and non-binary, and WE are not accountable to you.

Stop also opening your mouth to people with disabilities, who are trans or enbies.

Stop hurting them just because you do what you blame the cis (once again), and don't take their feelings into account.

People with disabilities have their place (and much more than you), so eat your shitty validism. YOU don't have to lower them just because you are neurotypical/ "valid".

Ah and also: psychophobia has no place either, if we enbies are "crazy" or "good people for the psychiatrical hospital ", then fuck you, because the people you designate have all their places in the community.

Isolating these people is like pushing them to commit suicide or to hurt themselves, when they don't deserve it. And this is obviously true for trans, gay, bi, pan, ace people.

Last but not least, just because a rapist is in the LBGTQIA+ community, s/he should not be punished and excluded (this is almost not a concrete example: ). They had no place. Strangely enough, there have been similar cases, and these malicious people are still not excluded.

If you hang out with this type of people, YOU are responsible for the death of enbies /handis and many others. Responsible like cis and TERFS.