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a • a bit • able • about • above • absolutely • accept • access • according to • account • across • act • action • activities • activity • actual • actually • add • added • advice • after • afternoon …

By jansegers ⋅ November 17 ⋅ Plain English, Simple English, Simplified English

Review: The Sun Prince, the Saint and the Changeling

A thrilling and not so unrealistic gay romance

By typochon ⋅ November 16 ⋅ Various reviews

Réécriture de la théorie relative de la monnaie

test (copie de l'article sur mon blog pelican)

By HugoTrentesaux ⋅ November 16 ⋅ h30x

English word lists (2000+)

1000 word families (3760 words) http://www.robwaring.org/vocab/wordlists/full1000.txt The Logic of English Complete Spelling List (1712 words) https://www.logicofenglish.com/images/High%20Frequency%20…

By jansegers ⋅ November 15 ⋅ Plain English, Simple English, Simplified English

International English

The ICE-CORE lists by Gilner and Morales http://archive.is/eQxkA THE CORE VOCABULARY OF INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH by PEYAWARY https://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/obj/s4/f2/dsk2/tape15/PQDD_0023/NQ32016.pd…

By jansegers ⋅ November 14 ⋅ Plain English, Simple English, Simplified English

My second blog post

still just testing

By jerryb ⋅ November 14 ⋅ My blog

My first blog post


By jerryb ⋅ November 14 ⋅ My blog

Titles have better to be named in ASCII characters


By vaginaplant ⋅ November 14 ⋅ Vaginaplant

First Post

Trying Plume

By guskma ⋅ November 14 ⋅ guskma diary

David Blue, Federated

A directory of all my Fediverse accounts

By davidblue ⋅ November 13 ⋅ Bilge

Title of the article

This is a summary of the article

By Alex L ⋅ November 13 ⋅ Blog



By testaendrew ⋅ November 12 ⋅ test12345678

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Pourquoi migrer vers FreeBSD ?

Informatique, FreeBSD, comportements toxiques

By lenbyanargeek ⋅ October 31 ⋅ Blog

Les réacs libristes (et autres) ne volent pas haut

Politique, libristes, non respect des autres

By lenbyanargeek ⋅ October 31 ⋅ Blog

Mon matériel

Présentation de mon matériel informatique

By lenbyanargeek ⋅ October 31 ⋅ Blog