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dangling participle

By smolspectreDecember 13, 2018nothing

Ein spannendes Jahr mit vielen Ereignissen

Aus Golfersicht gesehen

By rebelDecember 13, 2018Golf und Crossgolf

Your Cinnamon Girl

By smolspectreDecember 13, 2018nothing


I have a question

By anothertestDecember 13, 2018questions

Plume is pretty

By smolspectreDecember 12, 2018nothing

Hello Plume World

My first post.

By garrettDecember 12, 2018Garrett's Life

Test Post for Feature-check

Or, Second migrates out of Wordpress too?

By secondgenerationimmigrantDecember 12, 2018Many Journeys Overflow


By AerenDecember 12, 2018Fandomium

Up Yours, Tumblr

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but... well, definitely not with a bang anymore.

By tenlittlebulletsDecember 12, 2018female dissenting nipples

rose gold

By hopperDecember 12, 2018hopper

sakamoto satsuma

tatsuma...satsuma...get it (I ate like 4 clementines in a row and drew this)

By hopperDecember 12, 2018hopper

I guess this instance is hosted on a different hemisphere

because according to the timestamp it's already my birthday lol

By hopperDecember 12, 2018hopper

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Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite: mon avis

By lenbyanargeekNovember 18, 2018Blog

Comment choisir sa distribution Linux/BSD pour l’utilisation “normale” et pour son serveur ?

Informatique, Linux, BSD

By lenbyanargeekNovember 2, 2018Blog

Pourquoi migrer vers FreeBSD ?

Informatique, FreeBSD, comportements toxiques

By lenbyanargeekOctober 31, 2018Blog

Les réacs libristes (et autres) ne volent pas haut

Politique, libristes, non respect des autres

By lenbyanargeekOctober 31, 2018Blog

Mon matériel

Présentation de mon matériel informatique

By lenbyanargeekOctober 31, 2018Blog

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